Staff Organisations and Unions

We believe that the best means of ensuring a fair and prosperous future, both for the people working for Ryanair and for the ordinary working people mostly likely to be Ryanair's customers, is effective trade union organisation. Please send any stories or information about the treatment of staff and any union or other organisation representing Ryanair staff to

We hope that this page will build into a useful resource.

Ryan-be-Fair (

This is a forum for Ryanair staff that has been set up by the International Transport Workers Federation.

French Labour Law Ruling (in French)

If you can read French, this is an example of a ruling with regard to the application of French labour laws to Ryanair staff.

Ryanair European Pilots' Association (REPA)

This association and the REPA website were established in 2004 to provide an anonymous and secure way for Ryanair pilots throughout Europe to communicate with each other. The REPA site allows Ryanair pilots to freely express their views on a range of industrial, safety and professional issues.

The High Court recently dismissed an application by Ryanair to disclose the identities of pilots who had posted to the forum.

Cisl (Italian Trade Union) and Staff Fired "After Joining the Union"

This site is currently only in Italian, but Cisl will set up a site in English for Ryanair employees based in Italy. The story that we have received (expressing the correspondent's opinions in his own words) is as follows.

"Last year a group of Ryanair workers based at Rome Ciampino airport claimed their rights to join an Italian union organization and to elect their legitimate union representant among the workers.

The answer of the Personnel Director came soon. Basically he said that Ryanair has all the aircrafts registred in Ireland, the company doesn't have any structure or whatever office in Italy, all the employees contract follow the Irish Law, and that our claim was baseless, without fundation and illegal.

At the end the company sack those people with a false excuse.

Please, following you can find two important European Directive that lay down how manage the employees posted to work in another EU member state. What are their rights and which labour low should apply.

The European Directive 2006/123/EEC knows also as "Bolkestein Directive" and the 96/71/EEC "posted workers" clearly lay down that the principle of the original country doesn't apply on the national Labour Law, therefore the company shouldn't set Irish work contracts to its employees based in Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Sveden and Italy.

2006/123/EEC "Bolkestein"

96/71/EEC "Posted workers"

So far, the Ryanair employees in Italy are waiting the response of the Labour Court of Velletri. Only once we have the rule we can carry on union activities and eventually industrial action such as strike."